Why You Should Be Looking Into Professional Floor Coatings In Jacksonville

Facility managers need to utilize their budgets intelligently and creatively in order to avoid wasting money, especially when it comes to the end of the fiscal year. If you don’t have any major repair issues to attend to, now’s a good time to look into preventative maintenance, and industrial floor coatings in Jacksonville are a great starting point. Here are some key benefits of taking this approach.

Basic Benefits

For one thing, when we are talking about concrete, in particular, making a slight addition now can pay major dividends later. By nature, concrete is durable, but not indestructible. This means that cracks, spalls, and shedding are all risks as flooring gets older. As a result, treating your floor or replacing old coats can do a lot. How so? By polishing concrete, you’re making it more dense and able to handle heavy loads. In addition, applications like urethane or epoxy can do a lot to help protect the flooring from abrasions and cracks. In some cases, they can also reduce staining. The same mentality applies to pool coatings in Jacksonville as well.

In addition, if you see that your flooring is already dealing with issues, you likely don’t want to hold off on addressing the problem. Any sort of spalling can spread quickly, especially if the area has a lot of traffic from heavy machinery or from people on foot. If you delay and your floor becomes uneven or damaged, it can lead to other offshoot issues, from making it harder to clean to increasing wear on equipment.

However, this isn’t just about the impact on your machines, but the impact on your team. By nature, damaged floors create a trip hazard. However, when your employees drive heavy machinery over these cracks, the constant jolts can aggravate back issues and create operator fatigue. If chemicals are being handled, this can lead to spills that impact the air quality. If liquid seeps into porous concrete, it becomes a home for bacteria that is quite hard to remove. We also can’t ignore the impact on employee morale. No one wants to work in a setting that looks like it is falling apart. Not to mention, if it looks like management doesn’t care about the workplace, why should they?

Another thing you may not realize is that by investing in some floor upkeep, you can improve efficiency via a floor plan. For example, floor stripes and markings are quite useful in order to create a better system of organization and control the flow of traffic throughout a facility.

Starting With Deck Coatings In Jacksonville

So, let’s say these benefits have swayed you to give this option a start. What do you need to do to get started? First, you need an evaluation of the surface that you want to apply coats to. This is key for making sure that the structure stays clean and structurally sound, without any foreign material contamination. You’ll also need to look and see if there’s any sort of distress on the surface, like spalls, cracks, or general unevenness. Making sure that things are patched, repaired, and leveled are every bit as important as the coating system that you decide to work with. Surface prep work also matters because it will dictate how thick the application is.

Setting the stage for installation is one thing, but you also need to think about the day-to-day impact after the installation is done. The four main areas of consideration you need to think of are chemical exposure, abrasion, thermal shock, and impact. All of these different systems perform better or worse under these conditions, which means you need to think about the most common threats. Do you plan on using steam cleaning? Thermal shock is a concern. Is this a high-traffic area? You need to be thinking about abrasion, then.

There are other points of consideration that often get missed when it comes to finding a system that’s the best fit for your facility flooring. These may not impact how well it works on factors like material or thickness, but they are going to play a key role in terms of overall satisfaction. A good example of this is aesthetics. Yes, function is more important than form, but that doesn’t mean that form isn’t important. If we look today, you can see the same characteristics with different decorative tools or surface textures.

The timeline you have to work with is also important. Many flooring projects need to get done on a very tight schedule. As a result, how long something takes to install could be the difference-maker in terms of whether or not it gets used. This applies in other ways as well. For example, the odor of some systems could require the work area to be unoccupied while work is done. This limits the number of settings that could feasibly use it. There are also systems like epoxies that are super sensitive to temperature.

Lifespan and cost can’t be ignored either. No system is immortal, but you can expand how long it lasts by putting together an upkeep schedule. Make sure you work with a professional and put up maintenance guidelines for your team to make sure what needs to get done actually gets done. Of course, there’s the financial factor. Everyone wants to get the best deal, but ultimately, you end up getting what you pay for. Generally, the thicker the system, the better performance that you get.

Finally, when you find the system that you want, it’s time to actually get the application done. Choosing a proper contractor for your professional floor coatings in Jacksonville is every bit as important as the material that you opt to use. Make sure you work with a professional trained to install the system that you are looking at. Equally essential is making sure you have a plan in place after installation. A formal review, upkeep, and repair program will make sure you still get the same quality of performance, no matter what. In time, success will be contingent on how well specialists and facility managers communicate.