What is Concrete Coating?

Your home’s garage may have a bare, drab concrete floor—but it doesn’t have to stay that way. Homeowners, retail store managers, and commercial property owners across Florida are boosting their concrete floors’ curb appeal and durability with professionally installed concrete coatings. But what is a concrete coating, and what is the best concrete coating for your property?

At Shark Coatings, we work with each of our clients to find the perfect option, color, and style to make your garage floor shine. Use this quick guide to learn more about the benefits of concrete coating and why you should pick our team and proprietary concrete coating compound.

Shark Coatings What Is Concrete Coating?

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What Does Concrete Coating Mean?

Concrete coatings are chemical compounds that sit on top of concrete surfaces and bind to the top layer to provide an aesthetically appealing protective barrier. Common options for concrete coatings include epoxies, paint, and polyurethane compounds. Some concrete coatings provide more protective benefits than others, while all three options provide decorative benefits.

Concrete floors in your garage or along your driveway can be smooth and clear. Instead, you can paint or coat it with a shiny, glossy, or matte top coat with vibrant colors. This can add charm and appeal to the space, either before you put the property on the market or to make the space more enjoyable for day-to-day use. It transforms the whole room’s appearance, especially if the coating has reflective properties that add more light to the space.

Paint is a low-cost and simple option, but it lacks many protective characteristics of other chemical compounds. What is concrete coating supposed to do? High-quality concrete coatings can protect the surface from damage by:

  • Sealing it against chemical stains and damage from gasoline, oil, harsh cleaners, and grease
  • Mitigating impact damage from driving and dropping heavy tools or weights
  • Preventing cracks that can form over time due to wear and tear or poor surface-level integrity
  • Waterproofing the surface so it doesn’t absorb large amounts of rainfall (While this is a bigger concern in northern climates where freezing and thawing cycles can cause spalling, the waterproofing characteristics of coatings can help concrete last longer.

What Is the Best Coating for Concrete?

The best coating for concrete is the one that protects your concrete surfaces from damage for years. Concrete surfaces react differently to different compounds based on the construction method, composition, pre-existing damage, climate, and expected degree of wear. Some of the most common causes of potential damage to garages and concrete surfaces are chemicals, abrasion, impact, and thermal shock. A professional service can help assess the most relevant concerns for your project, make necessary repairs, answer the question of ”what is the best concrete coating?” and install the right coating for your unique property.

At Shark Coatings, we use a specialty Shark Coating formula designed to outlast epoxy, providing protection that lasts 20 times as long and is built for all the hazards concrete surfaces in North Florida might face.

Why Choose Shark Coatings’s Concrete Coating Services

What is concrete coating installation like? At Shark Coatings, we do more than just advise you on what is the best concrete coating. We provide complete restoration and application services. Our process starts with assessing your concrete services by addressing existing damage, preparing the surface for a coating installation, installing the coating, and providing multi-year warranties for extra peace of mind. We serve properties across the northeastern Florida area, and our team can install a long-lasting concrete coating for you.

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Don’t make do with a drab concrete floor that’s plain and unprotected. Contact us today to schedule a service appointment for a concrete surface assessment and to choose your favorite color and style for a coating. Our team is here to take your property’s concrete surfaces to the next level.