How to Clean & Polish Concrete Floors

Make bare concrete surfaces look their best with the right coating or polish. At Shark Coatings, we have twenty years of expertise in providing concrete floor coating surfaces ranging from cleaning and repairing surfaces to installing a signature Shark floor coating. Instead of leaving your bare concrete floors drab, plain, or stained, transform them with a bit of professional TLC from Jacksonville’s experts.

Keep reading to learn more about how to care for concrete floors, how to polish them, and why you should coat your floors with a top-quality coating.

Concrete Floor Care Basics

Carrying for concrete floors can be simple with the right maintenance and cleaning processes. Consider these basic steps of how to clean concrete floors:

  • Regularly clean the floor by dry brushing any debris. This daily or weekly step keeps dust and dirt from building up and staining the surface.
  • If the floor is outside, pressure wash it every season. Pressure washing can remove stains that sit on or just below the surface, giving it a bright, clean look.
  • Install a professional polish coat. Don’t let the clear coating fool you—a professionally installed, clear topcoat can seal your concrete floors against several different types of damage. Depending on the chemical formulation, it can protect against impact damage from heavy objects, cracks and splinters from sharp objects, and wear damage over time. It can also repel stains, giving you time to wipe up water, oil, grease, and other chemicals you might store in a garage or workshop.

Caring for a polished concrete floor is even easier than caring for an untreated one. You can easily keep the surface clear of dirt and debris with a brush or mop. The coating also makes it simple to mop up liquid and prevent stains.

To keep your new concrete floor in gleaming condition, it’s important to reseal or touch up your concrete floor approximately every three years. DIY treatments require more frequent touchups and adjustments, but professionally installed coats last for five years or longer without serious upkeep. Even better, you don’t need to know all the steps of how to polish concrete floors when you hire a professional team. There are a lot of complex steps, but our process for preparing garage floors for a new polish coating includes the following:

  • Repairing surface-level damage to the floor, such as hairline cracks, worn edges, stains, and crumbling patches. Some services may even add self-leveling concrete to level and perfect the surface.
  • Abrading the surface with professional processes that create a uniformly abraded surface. This prepares the surface for coating by creating more surface area for gripping.
  • Cleaning the surface: Every small particle of dirt and concrete can jeopardize the final results, so professionals fully clean the concrete surface beyond what DIYers can do alone.

Shark Floor Coating vs. Epoxy Floor Paint

The exact characteristics of your polished concrete floor will vary based on the formula used. Shark Floor Coatings outperform common epoxy options by being 20 times more durable and resisting stains such as gasoline, chlorine, oil, or rust. On the other hand, epoxy can absorb stains, become damaged from tires and salt, and isn’t a permanent solution. Even better, cleaning floors with Shark Coatings is easier than knowing how to clean concrete floors in general. Each of our floors also comes with a long-lasting warranty: 15 years for interior floors and five years for exterior floors or pool decks.

Choose Shark Coatings for Durable and Lasting Concrete Floor Care

Instead of wondering how to clean or polish concrete floors, leave it to the local professionals. The Shark Coatings team knows how to prepare and coat your concrete floors for a long-lasting finish that resists stains, damage, and wear. We service the Central and Northeast Florida regions. Contact us today to learn more or click here to request a quote!

Image Credit: Zelma Brezinska / Shutterstock