What Is the Best Garage Floor Coating?

An uncoated garage floor is an unprotected garage floor. Bare concrete can absorb stains, can shatter under the impact, and will start to crumble along the edges. Garage floor coatings, such as epoxy coatings, polyurethane coats, or other specialized compound coatings, provide a layer of long-lasting protection. The right coating will act as a barrier to keep damage and wear at bay. At Shark Coatings, we specialize in serving the northeast Florida area with high-quality garage floor coatings designed for long-term protection and a vibrant surface appearance that adds appeal to your home. But what is the best garage floor coating? Read through this helpful guide to choose the best garage floor coating for your home. We’ll discuss the overall benefits and the answer to the question What is the most durable garage floor coating?

Shark Coatings What Is The Best Garage Floor Coating?

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What Is the Benefit of a Coated Garage Floor?

Coated garage floors offer several benefits for Florida homeowners, including:

  • Crack and impact resistance: Heavy or sharp objects such as tools, weights, and big parts can damage the surface of bare concrete flooring, causing cracks and thin shatterings.
  • A stain-resistant surface coating that’s easy to clean: Concrete absorbs stains quickly, whether those stains are from gasoline, oil, paint, pesticides and cleaners, or chlorine products for swimming pools. With the right floor coating, the chemicals will bead up on the surface for easy cleaning instead of seeping into the floor.
  • Colorful and stylish or glossy clear surface appearance: Plain concrete can be drab and dark. Floor coatings offer you far more options for style, with coatings ranging from a glossy clear coat to solid, vibrant colors to patterns with flakes of complementary colors.
  • A protective barrier for homeowners who use their garage as a workshop, gym, or art space: Not only can floor coatings protect your garage from wear and tear that comes from parking your vehicle inside, but it can also help transform the space into your ideal work area, whether that’s a painting or hobby room, a workout gym, or a workshop for wood or mechanical projects.
  • Long-lasting protective qualities that stay effective for years: What is the most durable garage floor coating? It’s one that lasts. Choosing floor coating chemicals that can stand up to Florida’s hot temperatures, high humidity, and heavy rains is key. Professional garage floor coatings are built to last for year after year of protection.

Shark Floor Coating vs. Epoxy Floor Paint

What is the best garage floor coating—epoxy or Shark floor coatings? Epoxy coatings are a popular DIY trend, but the coatings aren’t built to last and can fail over time. Epoxy fades, develops wear damage from tires and foot traffic, can develop damage such as chips and cracks, and hold onto stains. So, what is the most durable garage floor coating? While epoxy can be a good maintenance option or quick fix, epoxy coatings don’t have the lasting power for a floor coating from Shark.

Our Shark coatings offer superior protection and durability. Not only are they 20 times more durable than standard epoxies, but our floor coatings are easy to keep clean and in great condition without holding onto stains. Even better, our Shark Coatings are built for busy garages—they resist damage and staining from chlorine, gasoline, oil, and more. At Shark Coatings, we also offer a far wider range of colors and styles so you can find the perfect fit for your home’s style.

Why Choose Shark Coatings?

What is the best garage floor coating, and who can install it? Shark Coatings is the trusted local expert for long-lasting floor coatings in the Jacksonville, Florida, area. We serve homeowners, small businesses, neighborhood pool managers, and retail locations with floors that shine and protect the underlying concrete. Each of our floor coatings comes with a 15-year interior warranty or a 5-year exterior and pool deck warranty.

Get the Best Garage Floor Protection Available — Choose Shark Coatings

When you’re ready for a floor coating that looks great and provides excellent protection against stains and impact damage, Shark Coatings is here to get the job done. Contact us today to tell us what you’re looking for or to schedule an appointment.