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Are you considering a concrete floor coating upgrade in Altamonte Springs, FL? It’s essential to select a superior product. At Shark Coatings, we stand out from the competition with our exceptional team and top-tier concrete floor coating solutions, ensuring both resilience and aesthetic appeal for your flooring.

Select Shark Coatings for your concrete floor coating needs in Altamonte Springs, and effortlessly elevate any area. Whether it’s protecting your garage floor or adding charm to your pathways, our professionals are on hand to provide their expertise. We offer an extensive selection of services.

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Whether your project is commercial or residential, our mission is to assist you in achieving stunning results. We guide you in choosing the perfect style and shade to meet your needs, coupled with unparalleled customer service. Regardless of the location of your concrete floors, we deliver the ideal coating solution in Altamonte Springs. Our applications include:

  • Garage Floor Coating: Transform your garage with Shark Coatings and say goodbye to the dull gray. Expect a premium concrete floor coating that resists stains and can bear the load of heavy vehicles.
  • Concrete Driveway Coating: Elevate your driveway with our durable and aesthetically pleasing Shark Coatings, designed to endure the intense Florida heat.
  • Pool Deck Coating: Upgrade your pool area with a durable coating that not only looks fantastic but also withstands the harsh pool chemicals.
  • Walkways & Concrete Patio Coating: Our coatings protect your walkways and patios, enhancing your property’s look and enduring heavy foot traffic and severe weather.
  • Commercial & Industrial Flooring: Impress clients and customers with a durable, visually appealing concrete floor coating that leaves a lasting impression.

Shark Coatings vs. Epoxy Floor Coatings in Altamonte Springs, FL

When it comes to enhancing and prolonging the life of your concrete floors, you have options. Epoxy is a common choice but falls short when compared to Shark Coatings. With over two decades of expertise, we’ve developed a product that significantly outperforms epoxy in terms of durability. Let’s examine both options to help you make an informed decision.

Shortcomings of Epoxy Coatings

  • Tends to peel, crack, and chip over time. 
  • Limited customization in colors and designs. 
  • Vulnerable to stains and marks. 
  • Loses its luster quickly, diminishing its visual appeal. 
  • Not resistant to salt or tire-related damage. 
  • Functions as a short-term fix, lacking endurance for the long haul.

Benefits of Shark Coatings

  • Exceptional durability, outlasting epoxy by a wide margin. 
  • Backed by a 15-year interior warranty and a 5-year exterior warranty. 
  • Stain-resistant against oil, chlorine, gasoline, and rust, maintaining a clean appearance for extended periods. 
  • Maintenance is simpler compared to epoxy, saving time and labor. 
  • A broad palette of colors to achieve your desired space aesthetics.

    Considering the drawbacks of epoxy and the strengths of Shark Coatings, the choice becomes clear. For a concrete floor coating that endures and delivers the visual impact you want for your home or business in Altamonte Springs, Shark Coatings is the way to go. We provide a superior product coupled with the best service in the region.

    You can also select from various color and design options to ensure your flooring matches your vision. Finding the right concrete floor coating in Altamonte Springs is straightforward with Shark Coatings. Our solution is long-lasting, meaning fewer replacements than epoxy, and you can enjoy your stylish finish for years.

    Industrial Floor Coatings & Commercial Applications

    Concrete Designs and Decorative Concrete in Altamonte Springs

    Elevate your property’s allure with the perfect concrete designs and decorative options in Altamonte Springs. Shark Coatings grants you access to an extensive array of choices to achieve the exact look you’ve envisioned. We cater to a diverse range of spaces, including patios, entryways, garage floors, retail stores, walkways, and commercial areas.

    Gone are the days of settling for plain gray concrete floors. Our coating alternatives offer the decorative flair you seek for any area. If you’re ready to revamp your concrete floors, our team is here to support you in selecting the ideal designs and colors tailored to your specific needs.


    What concrete floor coating in Altamonte Springs provides the best variety?

    Shark Coatings is your premier choice in Altamonte Springs for a broad selection of coating options, suitable for garages to retail floors, promising longevity and optimal aesthetics.

    Is concrete coating a wise investment?

    Definitely! With the right concrete floor coating in Altamonte Springs, you not only enhance the space’s design but also benefit from a stain-resistant and durable investment that requires minimal upkeep.

    How durable is Shark Coatings' concrete floor coating?

    Our coatings are renowned for being 20 times more robust than conventional epoxy and paint options. While usage and climate affect longevity, with proper care, your Shark Coatings floor can last for many years.

    How does Altamonte Springs' climate impact concrete flooring?

    Florida’s hot, humid summers and occasionally cool winters can challenge floor coatings. However, Shark Coatings is engineered to withstand Florida’s climate, ensuring your floors remain impressive for years to come, even under harsh conditions.

    What's the best way to maintain my coated concrete floor?

    Maintaining your coated floors is straightforward: regular sweeping and mopping will do the trick. For mopping, use a gentle soap solution and steer clear of abrasive cleaning tools. For a more thorough clean, opt for a pH-neutral cleaner.

    Does Shark Coatings come with a warranty?

    Yes, we provide a warranty because we are committed to supporting our customers well into the future. Outdoor applications come with a 5-year warranty, while indoor applications are covered by a 15-year warranty. Our aim is to foster a lasting relationship with you through our dependable products and services.

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    To secure the finest concrete floor coating in Altamonte Springs, Shark Coatings is your definitive choice. No other product on the market can match the resilience and quality we offer. If you’re prepared to transform your concrete floor, our team is ready to help. Contact us today, and we’ll address any inquiries you may have.