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If you’ve been considering concrete floor coating in Alafaya, FL, you want to make sure you choose the right product. Shark Coatings offers a better alternative to other coating options on the market. With our experienced team and incredible concrete floor coating product, you’ll gain the durability and beauty you desire for your floors.

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Choose Shark Coatings as your preferred concrete floor coating in Alafaya and enhance any space with ease. Whether you want to safeguard your garage floor or enhance the visual appeal of your walkway, our team is readily available to assist you. Our comprehensive range of services includes:

Whether you’re looking to transform a commercial space or make your residential floor look amazing, we are here to help. Our team will help ensure you get the best design and color for your needs, along with the best possible service. No matter where your concrete flooring is found, we offer the right concrete floor coating in Alafaya for you. We offer all of the following applications:

    • Garage Floor Coating: Make your garage floor look amazing and ditch that boring gray look with Shark Coatings. We will make sure you get a high-quality concrete floor coating that will resist stains and handle the weight of heavy vehicles.
    • Concrete Driveway Coating: Any concrete driveway can be transformed into something beautiful and super durable with Shark Coatings. We offer the right option when it comes to holding up during the hot summer weather in Florida.
    • Pool Deck Coating: Make your backyard pool area look amazing and last a very long time with the right concrete floor coating in Alafaya. We offer a variety of color and design options, and you will get a coating that will hold up even with the harsh chemicals necessary to maintain your swimming pool.
    • Walkways & Concrete Patio Coating: You can protect your concrete walkways and patio, as well, with our coating. We offer the right options to make your property more aesthetically pleasing when you choose our walkways and concrete patio coating. You’ll get a product that can hold up under heavy foot traffic and can handle the harsh weather.
    • Commercial & Industrial Flooring: When you need to make a great impression on clients or customers, you need the right concrete floor coating for your business space. We offer a wide variety of options to make sure you get the durability you need and the ability to make a lasting impression.

Shark Coatings Versus Epoxy Floor Coatings in Alafaya, FL

When you’re ready to make your concrete floor coating look better and last longer, you have several options. Epoxy floor coating is rather common, but has some serious limitations compared to Shark Coatings. We have managed to develop a product that provides more durability than epoxy. Let’s look a bit closer at Shark Coatings and epoxy floor coating to help you make the right decision.

Limitations of Epoxy Coating

  • Prone to peeling, cracking, and chipping over time.
  • Limited color and design options for customization.
  • Susceptible to staining and marking.
  • Fades quickly, compromising its aesthetic appeal.
  • Not resistant to salt or damage caused by hot tire pickup.
  • Provides only a temporary maintenance solution, lacking long-term durability.

    Advantages of Shark Coatings

    • Offers unmatched durability, surpassing epoxy by 20 times.
    • Comes with a 15-year warranty for interior use and a 5-year warranty for exterior applications.
    • Resists stains from oil, chlorine, gasoline, and rust, ensuring a pristine look for years to come.
    • Easier to maintain compared to epoxy coatings, saving you time and effort.
    • Provides a wide range of colors, allowing you to achieve the desired aesthetic for your space.

        After looking at the limitations of epoxy and the advantages of Shark Coatings, the decision should be pretty easy. If you want concrete floor coating that will last longer and provide the right look for your home or business, you want Shark Coatings. We offer a superior product and provide the best service you will find in the area.

        You can also choose from a variety of color and design options to ensure you get the look you desire. Choosing the right concrete floor coating in Alafaya doesn’t have to be difficult. With Shark Coatings, you won’t need to replace the coating as often as epoxy and you won’t have to worry about your beautiful finish fading over just a few years.

        Industrial Floor Coatings & Commercial Applications

        Choosing to work with our team will ensure you get a durable floor coating that will resist chips and stains. If you want to make your business floors look amazing, we have the right option for you.

        Concrete Designs and Decorative Concrete in Alafaya

        Enhancing the appeal of your property can be done by using the right concrete designs and decorative concrete in Alafaya. With Shark Coatings, you get to choose from a wide variety of options to get you the exact look you desire. We offer many concrete designs to help you transform any space including patios, entryways, garage floors, retail stores, walkways, commercial spaces, and more!

        You don’t have to feel stuck with simple gray concrete floors anymore. Our coating options will give you the decorative concrete look you desire for any space. If you want to transform your concrete floors, let our team assist you with choosing the right design and color options to fit your specific needs.


        Which concrete floor coating in Alafaya offers the best options?

        While you certainly want to consider the requirements of your space, Shark Coatings is the best concrete floor coating in Alafaya. It doesn’t matter if you want to coat your concrete garage floors or your retail floors, we have the right product that will last for many years and will give you the best look possible.

        Is concrete coating worth the cost?

        Absolutely! When you choose the right concrete floor coating in Alafaya, you gain a design element that will help you transform any space. Shark Coatings also offers resistance to stains and wear, which makes it a great investment that will last a very long time without high maintenance costs.

        How long will concrete floor coating from Shark Coatings last?

        Choosing Shark Coatings means you get a floor coating that will last longer than traditional epoxy and paint. Our concrete floor coating is known to be 20 times more durable compared to other popular options. Of course, the way your flooring is used will impact the overall lifespan as foot traffic and climate do influence how long it will last. With regular maintenance, you can enjoy your new floors for many years, however.

        How will the climate in Alafaya affect concrete flooring?

        Florida is known for hot and humid summers, and it can get a bit chilly in the winter, sometimes. This type of climate can be hard on floor coatings, but Shark Coatings has been created to withstand the hot, humid climate of Florida. If you want to ensure your floor looks great for many years to come, even with harsh conditions in Alafaya, FL, we are ready to assist you.

        How do I maintain my coated concrete floor?

        The easiest way to maintain your concrete floors after they have been coated is with simple sweeping and mopping. Use a mild soap solution when mopping and avoid using any abrasive tools on the coating. If you need to perform a deeper clean, you can use a pH-neutral cleaner.

        Do I get a warranty with Shark Coatings?

        Yes, with Shark Coatings, you will get a warranty as we strive to take care of our customers long into the future. Our warranty for outdoor applications is 5 years, while interior applications come with a 15-year warranty. Our goal is to create a long-lasting relationship with you.

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        Getting the best concrete floor coating in Alafaya means choosing Shark Coatings. Any other product on the market will not stand up to the durability we can provide. If you’re ready to transform your concrete floor, we are ready to assist you. Contact our team today and let us answer all your questions.